30 July 2017

Punk Fiction 20th Anniversary 10" picture disc LP

10" LP - $20.00


20th Anniversary edition of this Wedge Records compilation, pressed on limited picture vinyl.  The original 10" and CD were available on the old tREND iS dEAD! distro site;  two decades and a couple of webpages later, this sucker still stands up.  Ten short songs by ten cool bands...and not a stinker among them.  

Frantics kick off the comp with some of their patented snotcore punk.  Swingin' Utters play a bitchin' cover version of "Sunday Stripper" (originally by Cock Sparrer).  A must-have for AFI fans, since this collection includes AFI's rendition of "Whatever I Do" (by Negative Approach), plus "Rock Star" by The Force (featuring current AFI bass player, Hunter Burgan) and "F.T.W." by Tiger Army (with Nick 13, friend of AFI who has guested on some of their records...AFI bass player Geoff Kresge and drummer Adam Carson would later join the Tiger Army as well).

The artwork is AFI singer Davey Havok, dressed in drag, posing as Uma Thurman from Pulp Fiction.


A1     Frantics "Army Of One"      
A2     Heckle "D-Day"      
A3     Tiger Army "F.T.W." (Fuck The World!)      
A4     Swingin' Utters "Sunday Stripper" [COCK SPARRER]       
A5     Elvis Disciples "We're Americans...So You Know How That Is"      
B1     The Gain "Told You So"      
B2     The Force "Rockstar"      
B3     Pinhead Circus "6 Down"      
B4     Zoinks! "Bridge Over Brautigan"      
B5     AFI "Whatever I Do" [NEGATIVE APPROACH]

Punk Fiction 20th Anniversary 10" picture disc LP