28 May 1996

tREND iS dEAD! volume 1

Cassette Tape

Various Artists
tREND iS dEAD! volume 1

side 1

01.  GALS PANIC "Pit"
02.  MEDIA CIRCUS "I Was There" (live)
03.  dEVIL gOD "Heater" (uncut)
04.  MARY JANE JONES "Liquid Aspirin"
05.  LORDS OF PHLEGM "Nighttime"

side 2

06.  BRAVE NEW GIRL "Drift" (4-track demo)
07.  C.3.P.O. "Chrome Tree"
08.  BLUES THERAPY "Hurricane"
09.  SWIG "Stray"
10.  HELL MACH FOUR "Delta" (excerpt)

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