10 March 1998

Trendy Compilation


Various Artists
Trendy Compilation

A deadly total of 26 bands on this disc: rare, live and unreleased tracks by bands from all over the map, musically and geographically.  Garage, punk, indie, industrial, ska, hardcore and more.  Featuring the original version of Kill Hannah's "Nerve Gas" and more previously unreleased songs from the Frantics, Blue Eyed Christ, 13 Frightened Girls, Garage Rats, The Pull-Outs, Discontinued, 12 Ounces, Jet Lag, The Oswalds and Opium.  Also includes a Cheap Trick-approved cover of "Downed" by Thickhead Grin, plus a new performance by The Pleasure Fuckers live on Spanish radio.



01.  Frantics "Radio Rat"
02.  Thickhead Grin "Downed" [Cheap Trick cover]
03.  Discontinued "Attention Hungry"
04.  The Pleasure Fuckers "Sexy French Motherfucker" (live)
05.  C.3.P.O. "New Japanese"
06.  Kill Hannah "Nerve Gas"
07.  The Smokin' Roaches "Fall From Grace"
08.  Abhorrance "Mega Babe"
09.  Santa's Dead "Way Far Gone"
10.  Swig "Victrolux"
11.  The Ace-Tones "I Love You, part II"
12.  Sister Raisin "Signal"
13.  Blue Eyed Christ "What I Mean"
14.  12oz. "Don't Kid Yourself"
15.  Mohawk Barbie "Charlie"
16.  Detox Darlings "Pretty Little Junkie"
17.  Garage Rats "No Morals"
18.  Hell Mach Four "Firestone"
19.  The Pull-Outs "Kill Me Again" (acoustic)
20.  Cheap Skate "Sparkles"
21.  The Sick Terrific Nosebleeds "Average Superman"
22.  13 Frightened Girls "I Never Loved Her" [The Starfires cover]
23.  Jetlag "Last Words"
24.  The Oswalds "Nothing Left"
25.  Cletus "Stupid After All"
26.  3rd Sunday Market "Non-Conformist" (live)
**   Opium "Strolling Stokes" (uncut)

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