07 July 2007

the Hex Dispensers - s/t LP

12" LP - $18.00


Import-only (Germany) vinyl version of the debut album from the Hex Dispensers.  Haunted garage punk from Austin, Texas.  Solid songwriting and a precise performance, recorded by Mark Ryan (Marked Men) and mastered by Jay Reatard.  Includes a cover of "Down in the Park" (originally by Gary Numan's Tubeway Army).


Side A
01.  HD Local 23
02.  Are You An Assassin?
03.  Evil Eye
04.  Channel 13 Is Haunted
05.  Down In The Park

Side B
06.  Insomniack
07.  The Crone (99 Cats)
08.  Tentacles!
09.  Forest Ray Colson
10.  Arsenic Milkshake

Hex Dispensers s/t LP

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