09 September 2009

The Hex Dispensers - Winchester Mystery House LP

12" LP - $18.00


German import of the Hex Dispensers' second album.  No sophomore slump here, just more spooky sounds by these ATX garage punks.  Includes a cover of "Gates of Steel" (originally by Devo) and some new recordings of Hex Dispensers indie singles.


Side A
01.  Doomsday Romantic
02.  O-B-I-T
03.  It's Your Funeral, Minion
04.  I've Got My Doppelgänger On
05.  the Mutiny
06.  Lose My Cool

Side B
07.  My Love is a Bat
08.  A Brain Inside a Jar
09.  Buy You a Ring
10.  Cloak & Dagger Complication
11.  My Phantom Limb
12.  Gates of Steel

Hex Dispensers Winchester Mystery House LP

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