30 April 2013


Based in New York, METALLEG are a "Gutter Pop" trio, playing fast and loose with memorable melodies reminiscent of power pop and packed with the punch of old school punk.  The resulting sound is instantly familiar but still somehow fresh, with jittery-quick pop songs that make a crowd move in the moment and leave them singing the songs for days after initial exposure.

METALLEG was concocted by mixing two parts Max with one Nat...as in, two dudes named Max (that happen to be the rhythm section from Dirty Fences) and their friend Nat (the titular character of Nat Brower & The Power fame).  The three-piece broke out with two fuzzy self-released EPs during 2012 ("Working Too Hard" and a self-titled affair with 8 songs).  In 2013, METALLEG recorded their debut album, Hit of the Week, at Thunderdome Studios with Paul Kostabi.

Early influences include Ramones, Fred Frith, The Beatles, GG Allin and Buddy Holly.

Hit of the Week LP (2013)

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