07 October 2014

Whirr - Pipe Dreams (Redux) LP

12" LP - $15.00

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Whirr's first full-length LP, remixed and remastered for a more dynamic sound, with a fresh look to match--transparent blue vinyl and all-new jacket design.  This album is the indie punx vertex to Deafheaven's metal angle (Roads To Judah) and Nothing's post-emo/hardcore corner (Guilty Of Everything), forming the Holey Trinity of the New Wave of Shoegaze.  Common denominator Nick Bassett held rank in all three groups;  the Whirr mainstay played guitar on Deafheaven's seminal album and has since joined Nothing on bass.  Pipe Dreams was recorded, mixed and mastered by Jack Shirley (who wore the same hats on Deafheaven's Judah and Sunbather).

Short 'n' sweet review of the original Pipe Dreams LP:  Dreamy fem vox weep from a swirl of 'verbed-out gravitational waves.  Oaktown shoegaze revivalists wit attitudes.


Side A
01.  Reverse
02.  Home Is Where My Head Is
03.  Flashback
04.  Bogus
05.  Reverie

Side B
06.  Wait
07.  Junebouvier
08.  Formulas And Frequencies
09.  Toss
10.  Hide

Whirr Pipe Dreams (Redux) LP

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