06 September 2016

FRANTICS ' Ninety-Six South Carolina


Ninety-Six South Carolina

Recordings from 1996 that were planned for the first Frantics LP on Wedge Records.  Early raw documentation of the band's patented snotcore sound:  rapid and rabid (from the start of "In a Jar" 'til the last track stops), fury and fun all wrapped into one (a spit-take cover of Sepultura's rainforest protest "Ambush" was going to be the album's easter egg; see also the anti-Confederate flag anthem, "Fashionably Incorrect").  Ready to bust loose and break out.  But by the next year, Timmy Timmy (guitar) was out of the band and the LP remained unreleased.

Some of these songs were re-recorded by the Frantics as a three-piece ensemble for their eventual debut album (the essential nineties skate punk record, It's Casual), leaving most of these versions in the vault.   A few cuts saw the light of day via a split 7" EP and a couple of compilation appearances, way back when.

'96SC gathers the entire original session, featuring the group's classic line-up in full.  Sixteen songs of vintage Frantics...younger, snottier & even more casual-er.

01.  In a Jar
02.  The Art of Losing
03.  Radio Rat
04.  Insubordination
05.  Fashionably Incorrect
06.  Don't Forget
07.  Revenge of Mr. Nobody
08.  Breakfast in a Coffee Cup
09.  Punkinhead
10.  Running in Place
11.  Fringe Operation
12.  Peer Pressure
13.  Get It
14.  Unacceptance
15.  Army of One
16.  Ambush (...and then some)

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