01 June 1999

Worse Than Alternative It's Another Punk Comp


Various Artists 
Worse Than Alternative It's Another PUNK COMP

A whopping thirty-two artists here on the big daddy of '90s punk compilations.  Previously unreleased material from Hickey, Frantics, Abducted, Bracket, American Steel, The Rehabs, Pseudo Heroes, Your Mother and more. Also includes Cletus, The Broadways, Nobodys, Love Camp 7, The Vapids and a couple of modern punk anthems by Pablum and Down By Law. 


01.  "All American" by Down By Law
02.  "Oh No Here Comes Your Mom" (rough mix) by Cletus
03.  "25 Degrees North" by The Broadways
04.  "Shirley D. Pressed" by Home Grown
05.  "I'd Love To See Him Go 20 Rounds With Satan In A Fistfight" by Love Camp 7
06.  "JERRY'S DEAD" by Pablum
07.  "Rainbows&Graveyards" by Frantics
08.  "I Hate You More Than Books" by Santa's Dead
09.  "Say Something" by Bickley
10.  "Hey Doofus" by Nobodys
11.  "I Don't Wanna Cheer Up" by Abducted
12.  "Where Have Your Senses Gone" by Tinkle
13.  "Soups On" by The Cretins
14.  "Shoe Gazer" by Bracket
15.  "Walk On Water" by Cooter
16.  "Lost Cause" by Pseudo Heroes
17.  "One Of These Days" by American Steel
18.  "What We Do" by IDK
19.  "THE MALL" by Mohawk Barbie
20.  "Heritage Drink" by The Repellents
21.  "She's A Satanist" (alternate version) by Day 19
22.  "If Spankin' It Were An Olympic Event, I Would Be Sponsored By Nike (Or Maybe Kleen-Ex)" by Your Mother
23.  "Secret Shake" by Sister Raisin
24.  "Dollars And Sense" by Oblique
25.  "SUPERMAN" by Walter Krug
26.  "Weight" by Supaflies
27.  "Darkness On My Shoulder" by The Rehabs
28.  "She Likes Girls" by Spoiled Rotten
29.  "Crystal Is A Rocknroller" by The Vapids
30.  "Ch-Change" by The Commercials
31.  "Robots Never Cry" by The Naked Cult of HICKEY
32.  "End Of Time" by The Young Hasselhoffs

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