14 August 2012


CD - $10.00


Vive Lyon!

Vintage Irish punk band that's a little bit street, a little bit garage, with the touch of pub reggae.  Outcasts were bad boys from Belfast that once booted Black Flag off the stage after stealing booze from The Exploited.

Vive Lyon is an import-only live album, comprised of fourteen tracks from two shows documented back in 1983/84.  Includes original songs that never received studio treatment, plus vicious renditions of The Stooges' "1969" and "Ruby Don't Take Your Love To Town" (popularized by Kenny Rogers).

Archival release from the author of It Makes You Want To Spit, so you know this is quality authentic punk from the Emerald Isle.


01.  Nowhere Left To Run
02.  Magnum Force
03.  Seven Deadly Sins
04.  1969
05.  The Cops Are Coming
06.  Swamp Fever
07.  Programme Love
08.  Clinical Love
09.  Ghetto Blaster
10.  Mania
11.  Machine Gun
12.  Ruby
13.  Gangland Warfare
14.  Winter

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