14 August 2012



Various Artists

2012 collection of late-'70s/early-'80s Irish underground punk rock.  Shock Treatment, Acme, Ex-Producers, The Co-ordinates, White Noise and The Androids each have four songs on this silver circle.  Shellshock Rockers was compiled by the author of It Makes You Want To Spit, a definitive history of Ireland's original punk scene.  This is genuine article old school material, and all twenty-four tracks have never been issued before now.

Includes thick CD booklet with info about each band and their songs.


01.  'Lipstick Heroes' by The Androids
02.  'Newer Wave 79' by Ex-Producers
03.  'On The Line' by Shock Treatment
04.  'BBC/UTV' by White Noise
05.  'We're Only Monsters' by The Co-ordinates
06.  'Jealousy' by Acme
07.  'Nine To Five' by The Androids
08.  'P-Check' by Ex-Producers
09.  '(This Weeks) Manchester' by Shock Treatment
10.  'Conscious' by White Noise
11.  'Mercenary'The Co-ordinates
12.  'Beer Hall In Munich' by Acme
13.  'Terminal Breakout' by The Androids
14.  'Never Before Never Again' by Ex-Producers
15.  'This Must Be Love' by Shock Treatment
16.  'College Boy' by White Noise
17.  'Prelude'The Co-ordinates
18.  'Johnny Can't Play' by Acme
19.  'Suggestions?' by The Androids
20.  'The System Is Here' by Ex-Producers
21.  'Future Plans' by Shock Treatment
22.  'Spidermen' by White Noise
23.  'Disco'The Co-ordinates
24.  'Bad News' by Acme

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